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Suits is a USA Network drama which premiered on June 23, 2011. The series stars Gabriel Macht, and Patrick J. Adams as two lawyers who, between the two of them, only have one degree. Macht stars as Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s top attorneys and Adams portrays Mike Ross, whom Harvey chooses as his associate. Mike, a college dropout, never actually attended Harvard Law School as he claims with Harvey’s knowledge. Instead he relies on his eidetic memory and natural intelligence to help win cases.” 

Season 1
1.01 Pilot Watch / Download
1.02 Errors and Omissions Watch / Download
1.03 Inside Track Watch / Download
1.04 Dirty Little Secrets Watch / Download
1.05 Bail Out Watch / Download
1.06 Tricks of the Trade Watch / Download
1.07 Play the Man Watch / Download
1.08 Identity Crisis Watch / Download
1.09 Undefeated Watch / Download
1.10 The Shelf Life Watch / Download
1.11 Rules of the Game Watch / Download
1.12 Dog Fight Watch / Download 

Season 2
2.01 She Knows Watch / Download
2.02 The Choice Watch / Download
2.03 Meet the New Boss Watch / Download
2.04 Discovery Watch / Download
2.05 Break Point Watch / Download
2.06 All In Watch / Download
2.07 Sucker Punch Watch / Download
2.08 Rewind Watch / Download
2.09 Asterisk Watch / Download
2.10 High Noon Watch / Download

Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup - Class 18 Notes Essay


Here is an essay version of my class notes. Errors and omissions are mine. Credit for good stuff is Peter’s. Thanks to Joel Cazares for helping proof this.


I. Traits of the Founder 

Founders are important. People recognize this. Founders are often discussed. Many companies end up looking like founder’s cults. Let’s talk a bit about the anthropology and psychology of founders. Who are they, and why do they do what they do?

A. The PayPal Origin


PayPal’s founding team was six people. Four of them were born outside of the United States. Five of them were 23 or younger. Four of them built bombs when they were in high school. (Your lecturer was not among them.) Two of these bombmakers did so in communist countries: Max in the Soviet Union, Yu Pan in China. This was not what people normally did in those countries at that time.

The eccentricity didn’t stop there. Russ grew up in a trailer park and managed to escape to the one math and science magnet school in Illinois. Luke and Max had started crazy ventures at Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Max liked to talk about his crazy attributes (he claimed/claims to have 3 kidneys), perhaps even a little too much. His came to the U.S. as sort of a refugee weeks after the Soviet Union collapsed but before other countries were formed. So he liked to say that he was a citizen of no country. It made for incredibly complicated travel issues. Everybody decided that he couldn’t leave the country, since it wasn’t clear that he could get back in if he did.

Ken was somewhat more on the rational side of things. But then again, he took a 66% pay cut to come do PayPal instead of going into investment banking after graduating from Stanford. So there’s that. 

One could go on and on with this. The main question is whether there is a connection—and if so what kind—between being a founder and having extreme traits.

B. Distributions

Many traits are normally distributed throughout the population. Suppose that all traits are aggregated on a normal distribution chart. On the left tail you’d have a list of negatively perceived traits, such as weakness, disagreeability, and poverty. On the right tail, you’d have traditionally positive traits such as strength, charisma, and wealth. 


Where do founders fall? Certainly they seem to be a bit less average and a bit more extreme than normal. So maybe the founder distribution is a fat-tailed one:


But that radically understates things. We can push it further. Perhaps the founder distribution is, however strangely, an inverted normal distribution. Both tails are extremely fat. Perhaps founders are complex combinations of, e.g., extreme insiders and extreme outsiders at the same time. Our ideological narratives tend to isolate and reinforce just one side. But maybe those narratives don’t work for founders. Maybe the truth about founders comes from both sides. 


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I know things re just sometimes out of control but why every time, money stands as a burden. After talking with mom about transferring the summer housing fee, i just felt a pain in my gut. I don’t know if the decision to take this internship will turn out to be the right choice over the paid one.

Mom always says “it will be fine, everything is prepared within the budget”, however at the same time, the sadness in her voice just perfectly makes a bittersweet sarcasm. 

You need to work harder, harder and harder man !


*International Affair Club*

Ogla: Why didn’t you run? so disappointing…

I almost (not literally) cried when the officer run was over. There was nothing being able to express the disappointment in me with myself. I outlined a long speech and was about to run for the president but i didn’t stand up to say a words. 

Because the FINE vice-president junior is running for the “president position” for the whole year and i am studying abroad next fall. Obviously i dont want to give her a “WTF” thing on the face

Because everyone else is just running for secretary or something like treasurer

My friends told me that the TITTLE doesn’t really matter but unfortunately, for me, it does say a THING… cause this is not really my focus ~ Just interested

So i promised to myself, if i failed this one, i will run for Senate so here we are… When a door is closed, another door will open.

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